弗吉尼亚排名第四 福布斯最佳商业州 list because the Commonwealth offers state incentives that businesses need to prosper. 经济发展办公室 & 旅游 is your partner and advocate and works with multiple state offices to coordinate support for businesses looking to locate or expand in the 林奇堡市. 当企业愿意投资弗吉尼亚和我们的工人, the Commonwealth is willing to support business through targeted investments that provide immediate returns and long-term benefits for Virginia citizens. 参观 弗吉尼亚经济发展伙伴关系 or 请求会议 与经济发展办公室合作 & 旅游知更多.

国家鼓励 & 项目


联邦机会基金(COF), 前称总督机会基金(GOF), is a discretionary incentive available to the Governor to secure a business location or expansion project for Virginia. Grants are awarded to localities on a local matching basis with the expectation that the grant will result in a favorable location decision for the Commonwealth.


的 弗吉尼亚就业投资计划(VJIP) is an incentive program offering customized recruiting and training assistance to companies that are creating new jobs or experiencing technological change. 的 program is designed to reduce human resource 发展 cost by providing direct funding to qualifying new and expanding companies. 赌博十大平台排行


For agricultural and forestry businesses that add value to Virginia-grown products, the 总督农林产业发展基金(AFID) may be available to them. AFID grants are made at the discretion of the Governor with the expectation that grants awarded to a political subdivision will result in a new or expanded processing/value-added facility for Virginia-grown agricultural or forestal products, and with the expectation that the grant will be critical to the success of the project. 的 amount of an AFID grant and the terms under which it is given are determined by the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry and subject to the approval of the Governor. 赌博十大平台排行


的 弗吉尼亚投资合伙补助金 (VIP) is a discretionary performance incentive designed to encourage continued capital investment by Virginia companies, 从而增加容量, 现代化, 提高了生产率, 或者创造, 发展, 先进技术的应用.


弗吉尼亚经济发展激励补助金(VEDIG) is a discretionary performance incentive, designed to assist and encourage companies to invest and create new employment opportunities by locating significant headquarters, 行政, 或弗吉尼亚州的服务部门运营.


Virginia offers a variety of tax credits that are available for use against a company’s corporate tax liability:

  • 主要商业设施工作税收抵免
  • 回收设备税收抵免
  • 日托设施投资抵税
  • 工人再培训税收抵免
  • 弗吉尼亚港口税收抵免计划
  • 研发税收抵免
  • 绿色就业创造税收抵免

由维吉尼亚运输部管理, this program assists localities in providing adequate road access to new and expanding basic employers.


TPOF is a discretionary grant available for transportation-related issues on unique economic 发展 projects.


Provides funds to construct railroad tracks to new or substantially expanded industrial and commercial projects.


的 林奇堡市 is located within the Western Virginia 对外贸易区, FTZ No. 238年都柏林. 

A foreign trade zone (FTZ) is a secure and enclosed area, located near or in a Port of Entry. 自由贸易区被认为是在美国关税领土之外, so foreign and domestic materials or merchandise may be moved into the FTZ without being subject to US customs duties until the goods enter US commerce. 当商品从自由贸易区移出时, custom duties may be eliminated if the goods are then exported outside the United States. 如果该商品正式进入美国商业市场, 货物移出外贸区时应缴纳关税.

针对在美国以外开展业务的公司, there are many benefits to utilizing the Port of Entry and 对外贸易区:

  • Companies can ship from any foreign locations directly to the 对外贸易区 or subzone, 并可从任何港口直接入库, 消除在其他端口发生的时间延迟.
  • An increasing number of firms are making use of the ability to transfer merchandise from one zone to another. 因为货物是在保税区运输的, Customs duties may be deferred until the product is removed from the zone for entry into US territory.
  • 通过使用对外贸易区, 公司可以推迟, 减少或, 在某些情况下, 免除关税, depending on the use of the incoming goods and whether the goods are ultimately exported or stay in the US.
  • 的 clearing of customs locally for freight and passengers is much quicker and convenient than the delays and waiting required at other Ports of Entry.
  • Many companies using FTZs find their inventory control systems run more efficiently, 提高竞争力. FTZ users also find meeting their FTZ reporting responsibilities to the US 政府ernment makes them eligible for special Customs procedures such as direct delivery and weekly entry to expedite the movement of cargo.
  • 从美国境外进口并在某一区域持有的有形个人财产, 以及在美国生产并在出口区内保存的产品, 不受州税和地方税的约束.

经济发展联络主任 & 旅游局,Marjette Upshur,电话:(434)455-4490或Marjette.upshur@lynchburgva.政府. 更多关于对外贸易区的信息,请浏览 U.S. 政府对外贸易区委员会 网站. 


产业振兴基金 (IRF) leverages local and private resources to achieve market-driven re发展 of vacant and deteriorated industrial and commercial properties.

的 program is targeted toward vacant non-residential structures that create physical and economic blight to their area due to their poor conditions. 合格的财产应包括以前用于制造的财产, 仓库, 矿业, 交通和电力生产, 以及大型的白象结构, 比如百货公司, 影院, 酒店和购物中心. Structures for which the original intended use was solely residential are not eligible.

只有地方政府(城市), 县或镇),区域或地方经济, 产业发展主管部门也可申请. 然而, localities may designate a re发展 authority or other similar organization as the designated agent for implementation and administration of activities. 符合条件的申请人也可以与私人和非营利实体合作.

联系Alisha Meador 阿丽莎挤.meador@lynchburgva.政府 赌博十大平台排行信息.